Saturday, October 16, 2010

Making progress with MacGyver!!!

I think I have gone as far as I can go with him outside. He will come to me and take carrots out of my hand and he will let me pet him while he's eating (HUGE improvement from the day I brought him home!!!), but when he runs away there's nothing more I can do. We managed to get a harness on him yesterday... I am surprised this is not a rodeo event... and took him for a walk around the yard. He wasn't happy with it, but by the end he was coming around. I was worried that ordeal was going to erase any progress we have made, but he was happy to see me again this morning. I was hoping to bring him into the house last night, as it is starting to really cool off, but Scott is away this weekend and I need him to help build a gate in the house that will keep the pigs separated until they accept each other. We tried introducing Mac and Lukie (my most easy going pig) without a fence the other day and it didn't go well. I have to admit, the problem was more with Lukie than Mac. I know all it will take is time, but I'm anxious to get him inside before the snow comes and I know the time is very limited. Lukie crawled under the fence a few days ago and was in MacGyver's pen for several hours before I realized he was there. They were none the worse for wear...until I walked out...then we ended up with bloody ears! All for my benefit it seems.

I am hopeful and looking forward to seeing how he does in the house. He looks so sad out there in the cold. Times like this I wish you could reason with animals. :o)

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