Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is my newest pig, MacGyver. I brought him home a week ago and he is still very shy and scared of people. I found him on Kijiji. I don't have a lot of history on him except that he was purchased by the most recent owners from an auction as a breeding male to breed MORE pigs that will end up in horrible situations. I will never understand that. It wasn't until he was brought home that they discovered he was neutered. He was no longer of use and was banished to a very small, muddy pen with no shelter... all alone (I was told he preferred this.) His one leg is twisted from not having anything solid to stand on. When I emailed about him, I was told that he was not friendly and would not make a good pet. He was about to be traded to a meat rabbit breeder for some meat rabbits. I'm certain his intentions with MacGyver were not good, especially when he is being marketed as someone who would not make a good pet.

He is a sweet guy. He is eating out of my hand now and letting me pet him. I am anxious to try him in the house, but we are having a few pecking order disputes between him and the other pigs right now that need to be settled first. He seems to be ok to be the submissive one, so I hope it won't take much longer. We were told that he was a year and a half, but he's obviously older than that. I would say around 5 years. He's quite heavy as he wasn't being fed properly. I am so excited for the day when he has nothing but trust towards me.

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