Monday, December 23, 2013

The "Micro mini" and "Teacup" pig myth exposed on Global News Calgary

The myth of "Micro mini" and "Teacup" pigs exposed on Global News Calgary. They don't exist and this myth is causing rescues to run at maximum capacity, unable to take in the never ending number of pigs in need of immediate care. This message needs to get out. Pigs are NOT house/city/town pets, they are farm animals who need the company of other pigs and the freedom to roam and root and be pigs, not to mention the fact that they are illegal in most cities and towns. They don't stay small and you need to run from anyone who tells you they will. Take it from people who have been there and done that and know what living with a mature pig is like...NOT from a breeder who's only interest is your money. Please watch and see for yourself...

18 of the 74 pigs in the rescue/foster care talked about in this piece are living with me (along with 4 others)...ALL the result of irresponsible breeding. They don't make good pets for most people as they mature into large animals (120-250 pounds), are stubborn, destructive and can be aggressive. If you are not prepared to live with these traits for 15+ years, a Pot Bellied Pig is not for you.

The fantasy of a pocket pig is a lie. Don't buy into it. If you are looking for a large farm pet, please don't support breeders of any kind. Check out the Potbelly Pig Rehoming Network on Facebook instead and help support those who devote their lives to caring for these unwanted animals...and save a life at the same time. What could be better?! :)