Sunday, July 24, 2011

Are people stupid?

Seriously...I have to ask myself this. I try to think that people are just uninformed, but that logic is getting harder and harder to swallow.

 There is ANOTHER pot bellied pig for sale on Kijiji...3 WEEKS OLD!!!! Come doesn't take a genius to understand that this is wrong. This is a BABY for cryin' out loud who still needs to be with mom!!! Some people just don't care what they do to make a buck and these poor animals are the ones who continue to suffer.

I have a pig (Tucker) who is now 5. He was taken from his mother at 4 weeks old and suffers because of this irresponsibility every single day of his life...and I do too...both financially and just having to deal daily with a problem pig. I would need more hands to be able to count his problems...both physical and mental...on my fingers. Believe me...this is NOT what you want in a pet. They sure look sweet at that age...but look down my posts to see what they WILL become (times 10 if they are taken from mom too early.) Don't be fooled and don't be part of the exploitation of these animals. I ask every single person reading this to report (top right corner on ad) every ad you see where people are trying to sell pigs (or any animals for that matter) at this age. Please also write to Kijiji to let them know that you don't believe they should allow such irresponsibility on their site. PLEASE be part of the solution...not the problem. If you won't stand up for them...who will???

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who reported this ad. It has now been changed and they are selling the piglet at 6 weeks instead. Still too young, but apparently ok by Kijiji standards.