Thursday, December 30, 2010

Off on a vet run again today in -34C

I cannot tell you how bad I wish the vets around here would start working with pot bellied pigs!!! I have spent SO much time (and money) in the van with my Tucker over the last few years taking him to vets in other places because no one here knows enough about them to be willing to work on them. This is why I get so angry when people post untrue things on Kijiji, like saying "any farm vet will deal with PBP." It's just not true and people need to be aware of that before deciding to get a pig because it's a huge pain in the butt and a big expense that they need to be prepared for.

 Today, we need to have his tusk trimmed. It is close to poking through his cheek if we leave it any longer. I've never gone through this proceedure before, so I am a little bit nervous and glad Scott is home to come with me. I cry when I see people hurt my pigs, so I like to be able to stay out of the room and be the nice mommy (with a pocket full of treats) he can run to when the bad people are finished being mean! Why, of all of my pigs, is Tucker the one with the wonky tusk? Hasn't the poor guy had to endure enough over his life? The vet wants to try to do it without putting him under, but I am kind of hoping he does. Whatever a "nose snair" is (which is what he wanted to use) it does not sound like something Tucker will appreciate. I'd like him to sleep through it and wake up when it's done. I am hoping to have his hooves trimmed if he's under too. He hates that task as well! This is a new vet and I am hoping he might also have some insight into Tucker's chronic acne.

Wish us luck...

UPDATE: All went well. He didn't have to be put under...I was really surprised. Tucker wasn't happy, but didn't require the nose snair (man, that sounds terrible!) It didn't take long...he didn't even have to get out of the van...and I don't think it caused him any pain. Didn't get the hooves done, if he's awake anyways, we'll just do them here. We ALL hate that job. I feel better now that it's over...but I already miss his handsome tusks!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Good news for Tucker!!!

I think we FINALLY found a medication that works for his chronic runny nose! He's been on Draxxin for a couple of months now and it seems to be working. I am so happy!! He seems to feel much better and his nose doesn't run at all anymore. He's been needing a shot about every 2 weeks...which is what the vet was expecting...but it's been 3 weeks since the last one and he's still ok. I am taking that as a good sign, as at the end of the 2 weeks before (to the day), it would start running again. I have an ongoing prescription, but hopefully I won't need it. This is an answer to prayer. My poor Tucker has been suffering with this problem for the last 4+ years and I was beginning to think there was no hope for him. Now if I could just find a cure for the chronic acne. I hate the way people look at him because of it.

UPDATE: It lasted about a week after I posted this and his nose started to run again. :o( Looks like this might be something he needs to be on for the rest of his life. I was SO hoping that wasn't going to be the case. The Draxxin works wonderful while he's on it, but only lasts so long. I hate ongoing can't be good for him.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Reposted Kijiji piglets

I just noticed that the person from last week has reposted the ad for piglets on Kijiji. The ad sounds much better, but I hope people realize that the ad was changed only because Kijiji did not allow it the way it was originally posted (with untrue facts). Just because the wording of the ad has been changed NOW does NOT make this a responsible pot bellied pig breeder. It is the same person who was spreading lies and mis- representing the breed last week. Anyone considering purchasing a piglet from there, PLEASE keep this in mind. Pigs are pigs are matter what anyone will tell you. Yes, they are adorable and easy to handle now, but will be much different in a few months.

Some important things to remember...

*You cannot determine the size of a PBP when they are babies. Some may stay small, some may grow in excess of 200 pounds. There are many pigs who were purchased as "Teacup" or "Micro-mini" who grew to be the size of farm pigs!!! Please seriously consider if you can take this chance. An adult pig is VERY difficult to re-home. Please check out this website for more information...

*Neutered males DO grow tusks!!! Don't ever let anyone tell you they don't.

*They should not be fed dog food or hog grower

*Vet care for a sick piggy is very difficult to find in this area

*They are in NO WAY like a puppy! They will destroy your yard. Puppies grow out of digging...pigs never outgrow rooting. It's who they are.

I beg anyone considering a PBP to do research on the breed. Like I've said before...I love mine like children, but they are difficult pets...very time consuming...very destructive...very frustrating at times...and not for everyone. I continue to say this only because the chances of an adult pig finding a good home are almost non-existant. If you aren't absolutely devoted to caring for that little piglet you bring home for the rest of its life, it stands to be abused, neglected, abandoned or butchered once it grows up and is passed on to someone else. This IS happening here (and everywhere) over and over again. Please be sure BEFORE you bring one home and please, if you decide that they are right for you, consider adopting a pig who desperately needs a home from a shelter rather than buying from breeders who are only adding to the problem of unwanted pigs.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Piper...the bad little Piggy!!!

Well...she's doing great. The mange is gone, she's house trained ( maybe I am the one who is trained, but it's working, so we won't mess with it!) and she's very sweet. She's also the brattiest little piggy I have ever met! She still has to be confined to the kitchen. At first it was because my other pigs didn't like her, but now it's because SHE brings out the worst in them! They are doing so good, trying not to kill her (and they ARE trying ;o)), but every time she walks by them she lashes out and attacks. This is NOT going over well with my boys! She seems to think she is a princess. I can't imagine why. ;o)

She is getting so bored in the kitchen. I try to spend as much time in there with her as I can, and between the 4 of us, there is usually someone coming or going, but she wants someone to sit on the floor and snuggle with her all the time. As soon as you sit, she crawls onto your lap and goes to sleep. The second she hears the furnace come on, she runs to the heat vent and stands on it until it shuts off, warming her little hoovens. It's funny to watch and you can't drag her away from it.  When I turn my back she's chewing on my cupboards, trying to eat my floor, ripping layers off of the walls. Ahhh, what fun! It's a full time job watching this one. We had to bring the big kennel in to save my house while we are sleeping or not home. She's definitely busy. :o)

We have been working with getting her together with the boys, and it is coming slowly. I've brought her out to the living room the last few evenings to lie on the couch with me and she loves it. Goes right to sleep. Tonight I will lie on the floor with her and see if she will go to sleep down there right beside them. Hope it works.
(PS..the yellow thing in the picture is an extension cord! Didn't realize how it looked until after I posted it! :o))