Monday, October 18, 2010

He's in the house and we've had our break-through moment!!! :o)

Today is a good day! We brought MacGyver inside last night. I have my doubts about the gate we have actually holding a pig (or 4) back if they really wanted to come through...but it is doing the trick right now. Fingers crossed. The other 3 don't seem concerned at all that MacGyver is in the house. I know that is just because he's on the other side of the gate, so we will have to move slowly on that one. I'm just glad he's in before the snow hit.

I had my favorite break-through moment this morning while we were out walking. MacGyver (who still is not sure about being on a leash) lied down, out of the blue. I sat beside him and talked to him for a few minutes while he studied me. This moment is always big for me because it's the moment when they make the decision whether they are going to move past their fear of people (most of it well founded) and trust. You can tell it's not an easy thing for them to do...they are a lot like people that way I guess. I reached out and touched his back end (something I haven't been able to do yet...I've only been able to pet his front end...and only while he's eating) and he didn't move, just kept watching me. I started to pet his back and then moved to his side. It only took a few seconds before he rolled over for the much loved belly rub! Probably his first ever. I sat out there and pet him for about 30 minutes. I just LOVE that moment!!!

People give up WAY TO EASILY on these guys. I wish people would understand that they are thinking, feeling, loving animals who deserve SO MUCH BETTER than what they get. It makes me so sad to see so much intelligence being wasted in a filthy, muddy pen all alone. It's just not right and it seems like nobody cares. :o(

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