Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This is Lukie, my 3rd pig, with our dog Marley. Lukie is Tanner's full brother. I didn't get Lukie as a baby though, like I did Tanner. Instead, he was sold as a city pet. He was welcomed into the house when he was young and adorable, but because no research was done into pot-bellied pigs as pets...he was not neutered. An unneutered pig does NOT make a good house pet, so he was banished to the back yard when things started to go wrong. He was also fed dog food, which is NOT what pot-bellied pigs should be fed.

I got Lukie because he escaped from the plywood box he was being kept in in the back yard and crawled under the fence. He wandered the street and rooted up several neighbor's gardens. The SPCA was called in and the owners were threatened to take better care of their pig or get rid of it. I called the owner immediately after I heard the story and offered to take him.

When I arrived to pick him up, he was back in the plywood box. It was half the size of the average bathroom with 4ft high walls that he couldn't see out of, a piece of wood covering the top at an angle that allowed the rain to drain onto the dirt floor causing mud. He was threatened and scared by the owners "cool" boyfriend to get into the kennel "or else". Or else what...I'm not sure. I was told how this rotten pig ate their cordless phone and all the other "bad" things he had done, but nothing good.

Lukie is 3 years old now and also 110 pounds. He is the most easy going and gentle of my pigs. He's a hard guy not to love.

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