Friday, August 23, 2013

Pigs and surgery

Yesterday was an emotional day. Todd, Toopy and Binoo all went in to be neutered. These are always hard days for me.

Pigs are VERY sensitive to anesthetic and it's VERY important to use a vet who is familiar with Pot Bellied Pigs or there is a good chance that you will lose him/her during the surgery. The preferred anesthetic to use is ISO (spelled either Isoflourine or Isoflorine Gas). This puts them to sleep quickly and they wake up quickly with no after effects. Please make sure that your vet knows to use this on your pig ... not all vets know this as not all vets are familiar with Pot Bellied Pigs. We have found that very few vets are.

All in all everything went well. Toopy was cryptorchid, so his surgery was a little more difficult. One of his testicles hadn't dropped, so they had to go into his abdomen. It was a little scary because it was buried in his intestines, but all turned out well. A little more medication for him to prevent infection, but he's alright.

The vet decided to keep Binoo's extra two feet on. He said that they are fully formed feet (with bone), so it would be major surgery to remove them. They shouldn't cause him problems, he walks just fine, but the hooves will have to be kept trimmed at all times. He's my special pig...I think his extra feet will make him fly. ;)

I am just glad yesterday is over. In a few weeks Olivia will go in to be spayed and I will be in for another emotional day, but until then...all is well!                                                                            

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