Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pig Tusks

I just wanted to post a photo of a pig tusk that was trimmed from one of my pigs today.

People tell me time and time again that breeders are telling them that pot bellied pigs don't grow tusks. This is NOT true...they grow impressive tusks and they need to be trimmed. They are sawed off using a wire and pigs DO NOT like this activity. Please be aware that performing this task on a 200 pound pot bellied pig is not easy and many of the people who bring a baby pig home don't look far enough into the future to consider this.

Also be aware that pig tusks cannot be removed. They are part of the jaw. When I got my first pig, our vet (at the time) told me he could remove them. He pulled 4 little teeth and we thought we were done with the problem. Once my pig started to mature (2-3 years) did his tusks. You cannot have them pulled...yet many vets who are not familiar with pigs will tell you otherwise. Don't believe it.

This is ONE of the FOUR tusks that were trimmed. Picture a 200 pound pig with four of these in his mouth when you are considering adding a pig to your family. ALL MALE PIGS GROW TUSKS. Females do as well, but they are smaller.

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