Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Things are not always what they seem

Just saw an ad on Kijiji entitled "Happy Haven for Unwanted Livestock" which reads as follows...

"Hi we are offering a safe haven for all unwanted livestock.we have lots of room on our farm we live and work on our farm daily it is our lively hood we have on hand medication and put our hart and soul into our aniamls here.for more info call..."

When you click on "See posters other ads" you find ads offering everything for sale from cats to horses, alpacas and steer, goats and pigs for butcher. Some "Safe Haven"!!! Seems to me that is a "heart and soul" any animal could do without!

PLEASE be aware of this type of thing when trying to rehome an unwanted pig...or any unwanted animal for that matter. This is the rule...not the exception when it comes to pot bellied pigs. I just don't know how to stress enough that if you are not absolutely sure that a pot bellied pig is for you (for life) when you bring it home, chances are very good that you will be sentencing it to death if you try to rehome it as an adult. Places like this are where they usually end up. Very few people are willing to take on an adult pig and they rarely find forever homes. They are a lot of work, and the same reasons that you no longer want him or her are the reasons it generally doesn't work somewhere else. Please keep this in mind...your pet depends on you...it has no one else.

UPDATE: After emailing these people with my concern that their ad was very misleading...and much nasty-ness on their part...they have changed the wording. It is now titled "Unwanted Livestock". Still the same people...still sounds pretty good...still selling animals for butcher. Is this where you want your pet to end up? Please don't take chances with your pets life. It's very easy to make something sound a whole lot better than it actually is. Be aware that things are not always what they seem.

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