Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Pigs and hair loss

Sigh. Tanner has started losing his hair. Most pot bellied pigs do this once a year, and mine usually do it in the spring, but he's started early. It's called "Blowing their coat," and it's awful!! It takes a few months for 1 pig to lose all of their hair, and all of mine start at different times which means that I have several months where it looks like I have pig bristle carpet in my house. Pig bristles are nothing like dog hair that vacuums up easily. They stick in everything...especially your socks!!! I HATE IT!!!!

On the bright side, we get a lot of laughs from their Shrek-like appearances during this process...and they do look ever so handsome when it all grows back, but I still can't say it's worth it. I'm not sure why he started so early this year. Boy, is he going to be cold! :)


  1. My Delilah looks so gorgeous in the winter when her thick hair grows in. During the summer she just looks dusty! ha ha. I love how much white your baby has on his face! Delilah only has a little bit.

  2. I have 3 pot bellies 2 gilrs(Wilma and Betty about 7 years) and a boy (pumba 2years). Only he is loosing his hair in spring. He actually started a little while ago. He always looks a bit like a gost pig. :)

  3. I am SO glad to hear it is normal! Our Lilly is just over a year and our first. I thought I googled everything there was to learn about having a potbelly. It broke my heart when she started loosing her hair. thought I was doing something wrong.She is solid Black, she is not completely bold. How long will it take to grow back?

    1. I was worried when my first pig lost his hair too.I was grabbing handfuls and pulling it out, thinking something was horribly wrong with him. :)

      If Lilly had long hair (all pigs are different) it will take quite awhile to grow back to where it was. It always looks so nice when it comes back though.