Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gotta Love Pigs!

I love spring. My pigs love it too, when they can finally get out and do what they do best! Here are a few pictures of some of the damage they have done to my yard in the last couple of days. This is the rule with pigs...not the exception. Please honestly consider how important your yard is to you before you make the decision to bring a pig home. If you like grass and flowers and a neat, pretty yard, or if you hate mud...you will not be pleased with an adult pig. You may think that it's worse here because I have 5 and you are only considering 1, but you are wrong. 1 pig can do this too...in fact, several of these pictures are the work of MacGyver alone. This is just what they do and they don't care how hard you work on your yard to keep it nice, or who you have coming over on the weekend for a BBQ...they will do it. I still laugh (in an incredibly frustrated way) at the ad on Kijiji awhile back that claimed that pigs are "No worse than puppies when it comes to digging"!!! That is simply not true. Pigs root all day and it's something they never outgrow.  If a breeder tells you otherwise...THEY ARE LYING!!!!

Keep in mind that all of this damage happened in just a few days... 



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