Monday, April 11, 2011

Another pig attack

Well, it happened again. Tucker attacked our dalmatian Freckles this morning. The last time this happened, Freckles ended up with almost $700 worth of stitches. We were lucky this time because I was right there, but I have no doubts when this happens that Tucker is trying to kill her. I don't get was totally unprovoked again - she wasn't even looking at him.

Although this isn't something that happens every day, it's something that people need to be aware of...especially if you have other pets or small children (or friends with small children). Those adorable little piglets that are advertised almost daily on Kijiji DO GROW UP. They can be called whatever tiny sounding "name of the month" that breeders can come up with, but they DO grow up to be pot bellied pigs. If you are not familiar with adult pigs, you should IN NO WAY be considering getting a baby pig. As I've said before, even the non existant breed of "micro" or "teacup" can grow to be 200 pounds. Even at 100 pounds (Tucker is 110)...they are solid and built like a brick you-know-what. They have tusks and a STRONG will of their own. The ONLY way I could get Tucker off of Freckles this morning (and there were 3 of us) was to kick him several times and push him down 3 stairs. Had I not been wearing shoes at the time, even this would not have been effective, my dog would be dead, and I'm sure I would have been back into the ER for more stitches myself (I had stitches a few months ago from another pig while trying to keep him from eating the other's food).

Just so you know, Freckles is ok. A few cuts and pretty sore, but ok. We had been doing pretty good about not letting the 2 of them out together, but we will have to be even more careful from now on. Poor girl. I am so glad we were right there.

Tucker is also ok. He's sleeping on the floor at my feet now like nothing happened. People who know Tucker would never believe he's capable of something like that. The truth is...he's a pig...and all pigs are more than capable of somthing like that. This is something that breeders don't tell you.

The new ad today on Kijiji is for MORE "micro/teacup" piglets. Please be advised that these pigs are pot bellied pigs...just like Tucker. Same instincts, same strength, SAME BREED!!!!!! Don't be fooled by the pictures of baby pigs...they grow up fast.

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