Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am so frustrated!!!

Saw an ad on Kijiji today for more piglets that will be ready next month. The guy/gal sounded sincere, and probably was, but was SO off base with the info he/she was providing about pot bellied pigs. He/she was saying that they stay small (which is rarely the case. Mine are all 110+ pounds), that they don't need regular hoof trimming (not true), that neutered males do not grow tusks (all 4 of my neutered males have impressive tusks and I have stitches in my leg from trying to break up a pig food argument to prove it!!!), that any farm vet will handle your pig and it's needs (I speak from experience that this is NOT true...we have spent MANY hours travelling with Tucker because the vets around here were not familiar enough with pot bellied pigs to deal with them if/when they become ill (their words...not mine)), that they can be fed hog grower (which is true, I won't kill them, but hog grower is made to grow pigs fast for slaughter, not to keep them healthy for a lifetime) and the best yet was when he/she said that they are no more destructive to your yard than most puppies. Puppies outgrow digging, pigs never will. I challenge a puppy to have the strength or perserverance that a pig and it's snout have! (Please view pictures several posts below to see the damage mine have done in a matter of hours...and keep in mind that they do this DAILY! It's not "bad"'s what pigs were created to do and you will NEVER stop it.)

I feel like getting the truth about pot bellied pigs out there is a never ending battle when things like this happen. This breeder did offer a surrender option where if the purchaser was not able to care for the pig he/she would take it back, and I applaud them for this, but what about the people who read that false information and decide to get a pig from someone else? I wish these people would take the time to look into what is happening to these pigs when (usually) sincere but very misinformed people bring them home. All they have to do is stop trying to make them sound like something they are not, so people are able to make an informed decision BEFORE bringing one home. The lies being told about them in order to make a few dollars is so sad. I wish breeders would take the time to look into what is happening to these pigs. Supply and demand is a terrible thing. Baby pot bellied pigs are in high they are being mass produced for profit. Unfortunately, adult pigs are not and shelters are full to over flowing with them once people realize that the babies grow to be large and very dificult to handle.

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