Saturday, September 28, 2013

Todd & Grandma

Here's Todd & Grandma, 2 of the rescue pigs from August. The longer I have had them, the harder it is for me to imagine how someone who had these pigs for 15 years could possibly consider ending their lives...because "they are too old and too fat for anyone to want them". Todd is one of the sweetest, gentlest personalities I have ever met (with his noticeable under bite) and Grandma has a spirit that is full of life, even though her body is not. They've lived a miserable life of neglect, but have now found love and compassion and will live out their remaining days in comfort, knowing someone loves them. Whether human or animal...there is no better feeling...I can see it in their eyes.

I've been trying them in the house, hoping I will be able to keep them inside for the winter. I don't know if Grandma has another year left in her, and the thought of her spending her last days outside in the cold is not sitting well. Our shelters are insulated, and have a heat source...I know she would be fine out there but I am hoping if I can get them in the house, I will be able to get her up more during the day and her condition might improve. So far it's not going well. After 15 years of just "existing" they don't understand the house and they are scared. Todd wants to be outside on the grass, and I am finding it very hard to get Grandma in and out on my own. She doesn't do the ramps on the deck very well with her limited mobility, but I am hoping a little practice is all she needs. I think I will hold off and try again when it gets a little colder outside... when the warmth of the house might be a little more appealing to them. They do like the fire once they settle in. :)

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