Friday, December 2, 2011

Piper's Rules of Possession

I thought this was cute. It describes my Piper pig better than anything I could have come up with myself. She's worse than any toddler I have ever known, but I gotta love her ('cuz if I don't...nobody else will!!! :o))
                                           (Except...if it's broken, it's still hers!)


  1. This couldn't be more true, LOL. I have a potbelly pig that is 6 months old ahd she's already taken over my home, LOL. She's my second pig, my first one I had from 3 months old until she died of old age. Broke my heart, took me three years to get over it enough to get another piggy to share my home with.

  2. I am convinced that females are worse than males. I have 4 males, yet it is my little female who drives me absolutely crazy all the time! She truly believes the world revolves around her!

    Sorry about your first pig. I have yet to lose one and can't imagine. :o(