Wednesday, March 30, 2011

When does common sense fit in???

The newest ad on Kijiji for piglets states...

"it is true They make GREAT pets!"

...yes they do. What is not mentioned is the fact that they are extremely destructive, and can also be very dangerous if not trained properly (and this training must be maintained throughout their lives)

"they are on a solid diet at just 2.5 weeks old they are ready to come home to play with you."

GOOD GRIEF!!! This is absolutely FALSE!!!! Taken from mom at that age is WRONG in every way. They do not develop properly socially when this happens. A pig should stay a minimum of 3 months with mom. Selling them too soon is a marketing tactic used to feed the lie of "tiny" pigs. Yes...babies are tiny. Adults are not. 

"Did you know you can litter train these amazing friendly pets?"

Yes, it can be done, but let me tell you how gross this would be. Pig poop stinks BAD (sorry to add more common sense into the equation). If a pig poops in your house...even in a litter box...that smell will be overwhelming. Pigs need to be allowed outside to potty and to root and to wander and to just be pigs. The reason most people want to litter train a pig is to keep them out of the yard so they won't root it up. Your house will not stand up to this logic. Pigs root a LOT and if you prevent them from doing it...they WILL use that excess energy and strength (and they have a lot of both) to destroy your home.

Please also be aware that the city bylaw in Grande Prairie is being written to include pot bellied pigs in the list of animals NOT ALLOWED within city limits.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use your common sense when dealing with breeders. Like I've said many times before...a pig is a pig is a pig is a pig. If it sounds too good to be true...IT IS!!! If you buy from someone who is lying to will have problems. Please don't support this. If you are serious about getting a pig...PLEASE contact a rescue. They have no reson to lie to you, so you will get the truth and be able to make an informed decision.

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