Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sigh..........Feeling alone in the world right now

Another pig on Kijiji. He's being sold as "a proven breeder" (Grrrrrrr!!!!!) who has outlived his usefulness to his owners. He's probably made them some money and now they are done with him, his needs and how ever many piglets they added to the world. He's "not friendly" chances are even slimmer for him to find a good home. He will be sold as food or as a breeder to pump more unwanted pigs into this area. I want so badly to go get him, but I can't. I'm not set up to properly house an outside piggy in this climate (-40C yesterday with a wind chill) and I can't have more indoor pigs. It's killing me to leave him there to face whatever fate awaits him. :o( As badly as I want to have a PBP rescue, I don't think I can. The need is endless and it's impossible to do it alone. I would have 100 pigs within no time...and then what? There will always be "the next one" after that. The feeling that I am having right now will never end. The stories of the rescues that are shutting their doors due to financial need are overwhelming to me. What do these people do with all of their pigs when this happens? The gassing trucks get brought in and they are killed...that's what happens. The best intentions in the world cannot accomplish the impossible. I wish breeders would open their eyes to this. When a market is saturated and animals are being abused, neglected and abandoned and pets are being slaughtered...IT'S TIME TO STOP BREEDING!!!!!!! It's not rocket science. The selfishness and coldheartedness of people will never cease to amaze me.

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