Thursday, June 21, 2012

Annoyingly smart pigs

My pigs have caught on to the fact that they will receive an hour long brushing before they are let into the house if they go roll in the mud first. Sometimes I wish they weren't so smart. If they keep it up they are going to realize their worst fear...being left outside for the night (yes, even after it's dark Tanner!) I don't think my front door would hold up, and I know my neighbors wouldn't get any sleep, but one of these days..............

Speaking of smart, I remember when Tucker was little and I was trying to teach him to come to the door when I called him. Every time he would come into the house, I would give him a grape. It took him TWO times of doing this before he caught on to the fact that every time he came through the door, he got a treat. He would come to the door, squeal to come in, come in and get his treat and then turn right around and ask to be let out. I would let him out and he would squeal to get back in and then expect a grape. He would do this for hours!

Man, I miss that guy. </3